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Feed More

feed moreFeedMore is Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization comprised of programs like the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, the Mobile Pantry and Kids Cafe. Spanning nearly one-third of the state, across 34 counties and cities, FeedMore serves more than 200,000 individuals in the region’s most vulnerable populations – children, families and seniors. Working together to efficiently and effectively fight hunger, FeedMore’s multi-tiered approach and comprehensive programs are dedicated to nourishing the community while empowering lives.

FeedMore serves...

Local children who need a nutritional foundation to learn and grow.

Central Virginia families struggling to make ends meet and provide for themselves.

Senior and homebound neighbors who need nutritious meals and services for health and independence.


Every child deserves a meal. We can break the cycle of poverty in Haiti. We began feeding over 2,000 children in Haiti fresh nutritious bread, everyday.

Elevating communities in Haiti to a culture of restored hope and self sustainability through baking bread. 100% of your donations directly supports children in need. This year alone we've built 4 bread ovens in schools in Saint Martin, Drouin, Passerine and GVCM. With your help we can do more. Donate here!

Chesterfield Food Bank

food bankThere are families in our shared communities that go to bed hungry every night. Chesterfield Food Bank exists to give a hand up, to those in need.

Our main clients are those who do not qualify for government assistance. This group includes the single mom working to try to put food on the table, the senior citizen surviving solely on social security, the veteran on disability, the young couple just starting out, and the person that just got laid off from their job. In cooperation with Local Social Services, we are locating and helping those families and individuals that would not have been helped, in the past. We strongly believe in the principle,

"Give a man a fish and feed him today, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

Currently, in Chesterfield, we serve 450 families each week in 5 different locations through our Food on the Move Program. We are excited to be moving towards serving Petersburg and Dinwiddie in the same capacity and with the same commitment, sharing our time, resources, and food with those who are in need.


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Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss - Richmond
4901 Libbie Mill East Boulevard Suite 130
Richmond, VA 23230
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